Virtual Guest Speakers 

February 2:

Professor Itzchak E. Kornfeld, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Topic: Constitutions, Courts, Economic and Social Rights, the Right to Potable Water and a Clean Environment
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Discussion List   (Professor Kornfeld will participate from February 3 - 6).

Short Biography of Professor Itzchak Kornfeld

Itzchak E. Kornfeld is the Thomas Girardi Fellow at the Faculty of Law of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in Israel. He holds a Sc.B. (geology), M.A. (geochemistry), J.D. (Tulane), LL.M. (Georgetown), and LL.D./Ph.D. (Hebrew University). Mr. Kornfeld’s main research interests are international environmental law, particularly how courts and tribunals adjudicate issues related to natural resources and water law, including water security.

He has written widely on these subjects. Mr. Kornfeld is currently finishing two books. The first is titled Adjudicating International Water Disputes in North America, while the second is Dam(n)ing Natural Resources: Dams and the Destruction of People and the Environment. He was a co-founder and managing articles editor of the Tulane Environmental Law Journal, and clerked for the Honorable David I. Gertler, who was appointed by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals as a special master in a case involving complex property and oil & gas issues in Louisiana and Texas.

Mr. Kornfeld litigated numerous environmental cases, including a landmark CERCLA case of first impression, where the District Court held that City of Philadelphia’s sewer systems were not per se exempt from CERCLA’s definition of “facilities,” subject to liability for contribution costs. U.S. v. Union Corp., 277 F.Supp.2d 478 (E.D. Pa 2003).

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