Virtual Guest Speakers

January 25:

Planning for Global Climate Change: Mapping the Potential Legislation
Professor James Kushner, Southwestern Law School

Virtual Lecture
Discussion List   (Professor Kushner will join the discussion list from January 25 - 29)


Professor James A. Kushner teaches Climate Change Law and Land Use Law at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles and is Adjunct Lecturer in the Masters of Urban Planning program at the University of Southern California School of Policy, Planning and Development.  He is the author of Global Climate Change and The Road to Extinction (2009) as well as Healthy Cities (2007), The Post-Automobile City (2004), Comparative Urban Planning Law (2003) and Subdivision Law and Growth Management (Supp. 2008-2009) and is co-author with Dan Selmi and Ed Ziegler of Land Use Regulation, and is the author of many articles on American and European planning law.  He graduated from the University of Miami and received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Maryland.  He specializes in European and American planning and land development. He has taught at Utrecht University in The Netherlands, University of Greenwich at Saxion Hoogschool in Deventer, The Netherlands, Dortmund University in Germany, the University of Missouri, the University of Virginia, the University of California in both Berkeley and Los Angeles, and at the University of Southern California Law School.


The lecture, available in audio format, with a Powerpoint presentation is available here. (Professor Kushner's lecture begins at the 1hour, 27 minute mark of the panel).


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