Virtual Guest Speakers

March 11:

Information Access in South Africa
Professor Melanie Murcott

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Short Biography of the Speaker

Melanie Murcott is a senior lecturer at the University of Pretoria (South Africa). She specialises in the fields of administrative law, environmental law and socio-economic rights. Her LLM thesis ’The role of environmental justice in socio-economic rights litigation’ was published in the South African Law Journal (2015), and she is currently reading towards her doctorate on the topic ‘Towards a social justice-oriented environmental law jurisprudence in South Africa’. Melanie is an admitted attorney in South Africa and a solicitor (non-practising roll) of the Supreme Court of England and Wales. Prior to working in academia, she practiced law for a number of years as a commercial litigator, including at Hogan Lovells, where she was previously a partner, and is currently a consultant.


The lecture for this week is (1) a chapter in the book Implementing Environmental Constitutionalism that dicusses information access in South Africa and (2) the case discussed in that chapter - Company Secretary of Arcelormittal South Africa v Vaal Environmental Justice Alliance.   They are linked below: 

When reading the materials, students should think about:
  1. What is the relationship between effective environmental governance and transparency?
  2. What trends are apparent in disclosure of information related to environmental harms in South Africa, and what recourse is available?
  3. How and why did the court promote both environmental governance and transparency in VEJA? 

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