Environmental Law Virtual Guest Speakers
sponsored by Mercer Law School
Spring 2016

Background of the Project


The History:  Building on a project that was started in Spring 1998, Mercer University Law School (Macon, Ga.) is working with several other schools to sponsor a "virtual" environmental law lecture series/discussion list over the Internet during the Spring 2016 semester.  

The Process: Several times during the semester, a guest speaker will present a "speech" on an environmental law topic, and will participate on a discussion list with students and faculty from schools that are participating in this project.  The "speech" may be a text-only speech or interview, or it may be available in audio and text form (if it was presented live at one of the participating schools). The speech will be made available on this Web site on a Web page that contains background information about the speaker(s), links to other information about the topic or the speaker, and a link to the discussion list for the project.

The Discussion List: After the speech or interview is made available over the Internet for a few days, the speaker will respond to questions or comments from students from all of the participating schools on a Web-based threaded discussion list.  The speaker will respond to questions and comments for a week or so.  Students from the participating schools can continue the discussion on the topic on the discussion list (or discuss other topics of interest) even after the guest speaker concludes their participation on the list.  

For more information on the Guest Speaker Project, or to participate, contact:
Professor Stephen Johnson, Mercer Law School

Tune In: Schedule of Speakers for Fall 2016   
Archive: Past speakers (1998-2015)  
Schools: Participating Schools (1998-2015)  
Resources: Other Environmental Law Podcasts and Audio (courtesy of ELTC)  
The List: Discussion List for the Guest Speaker Program


Schedule of speakers for Spring 2016

Feb. 29-March 4, 2016
Professor Myanna Dellinger, University of South Dakota School of Law, Rethinking Contractual Impraticability in an Era of Anthropogenic Climate Change
March 7-11, 2016 Professor Debra Donahue, Wyoming Law School, Livestock Production, Climate Change and Human Health
March 14-18, 2016 Professor Stephanie Showalter Otts, University of Mississippi School of Law, Marine Aquaculture: Public Controversy, Regulatory Complexity, and Legal Challenges 
April 4-8, 2016 Professor Jonathan Wiener, Duke Law School, Environmental Law Goes Retro: Learning Foresight from Hindsight                    
April 11-15, 2016 
Professor Joshua Galperin, Environmental Protection Clinical Director and Lecturer, Yale Law School, Defining and Closing the Hydraulic Fracturing Governance Gap

Past Participating Schools (1998 - 2016)

 Between 1998 and 2015, the following schools have participated (for one of more years) in the program:

  • Akron Law School 
  • Albany Law School 
  • American University Law School
  • Arizona State University College of Law 
  • Australian Centre for Environmental Law (Australia) 
  • Buffalo Law School  
  • Cambridge University  (England) 
  • Capital University Law School 
  • Chapman University Law School 
  • Cleveland State University - Cleveland Marshall College of Law 
  • Duquesne Law School  
  • Emory Law School 
  • Florida Coastal Law School
  • Florida State University Law School                                                                                                                                                       
  • Georgia State University College of  Law 
  • George Washington University School of Law 
  • Lewis and Clark Law School 
  • University of Louisville Law School
  • Lviv National University (Ukraine) 
  • Netayna Academic College (Israel) 
  • Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College 
  • Notre Dame Law School
  • Pace Law School
  • Pepperdine University School of Law 
  • Pittsburgh Law School 
  • Rutgers Law School - Camden
  • Santa Clara Law School
  • Seattle University Law School 
  • Seton Hall University Law School 
  • Southern Illinois Law School  
  • Southern New England School of Law 
  • Southwestern University School of Law 
  • Stetson University College of Law 
  • Strathclyde University (Scotland) 
  • Texas Tech Law School
  • Texas Wesleyan Law School 
  • University of Barcelona (Catalonia, Europe)
  • University of Connecticut School of Law
  • UCLA Institute of the Environment 
  • University of Denver College of Law 
  • University of Florida College of Law 
  • University of Georgia Law School 
  • University of Hawaii Law School 
  • University of Houston Law School 
  • University of Idaho Law School 
  • University of Missouri-Kansas City Law School 
  • University of Oregon Law School 
  • University of San Diego School of Law
  • University of South Carolina School of Law 
  • University of Toledo 
  • University of Wyoming College of Law  
  • Vermont Law School
  • Virginia Polytechnic and State University 
  • Washington and Lee Law School 
  • Washington University School of Law 
  • Western New England College School of Law 
  • West Virginia Law School
  • Whittier Law School 
  • Widener University Law School 
  • College of William and Mary School of Law 
  • Willamette Law School
  • Wisconsin Law School 
  • Wyoming Law School 
  • Yale Law School

Past Speakers (1998-2015)

Professor Itzchak Ehud Kornfeld, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Constitutions, Courts, Economic and Social Rights, the Right to Potable Water and a Clean Environment
Professor Edward P. Richards, LSU Law Center, Using Natural Cycles to Make Better Decisions about Adaptation to Climate Change: The Future of the Louisiana Coast    
Professor Zygmunt Plater, Boston College Law School, Lessons Learned From a Tiny Fish ... that no one ever told me in Law School  
Hon Justice Brian Preston SC, Chief Judge, Land and Environment Court of New South Wales, The Environmental Court


2013 Fall
Professor Joshua Galperin, Director, Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy, Yale Law School, Eating Invaders 
Professor John Dernbach, Co-Director of the Environmental Law Center, Widener Law School, Sustainability 
Professor Zygmunt Plater, Boston College Law School, 40th Anniversary of the Snail Darter Case  
Professor Hillary Hoffmann, Vermont Law School,Cultural Resource Protection and Federal Livestock Grazing Policy


2013 Spring
Professor Tony Arnold, Louis D. Brandeis School of Law, University of Louisville, Emergence and Evolution of  Watershed Institutions 
Professor Melissa Scanlan, University of Wisconsin Law School, Adaptive Management
Professor Ezra Rosser, Washington College of Law, American University, Ahistorical Indians and Reservation Resources
Professor Kalyani Robbins, University of Akron Law School, The Regulation of Hydraulic Fracturing Under the Endangered Species Act
Professor Timothy Mulvaney, Texas Wesleyan University School of Law, Takings Law and the Matter of Koontz v. St. John's
Professor Wil Burns, Johns Hopkins University, The European Union's Emissions Trading Scheme: Climate Model or Climate Muddle? 

Professor Elizabeth Burleson, Pace Law School, Hydraulic Fracturing   
Professor Kathryn Kovacs, Rutgers Law School - Camden, Issues Arising Under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act  
Professor Wendy Wagner, University of Texas Law School, An Empirical Study of EPA's HAPS rules 
Professor Douglas Kysar, Yale Law School, Limited Government in an Era of Unlimited Harm: A Case Study of Climate Change Litigation 


Professor Jessica Owley, State University of New York at Buffalo Law School, Conservation Easements
Professor Sam Kalen, University of Wyoming College of Law, NEPA's Evolution
Professor John Nagle, Notre Dame Law School, How Much Should China Pollute? 
Professor Dennis Hirsch, Capital University Law School, Green Business
Professor Michael Vandenbergh, Vanderbilt Law School, Time to Try Carbon Labelling


Professor Wil Burns, University of Santa Clara  School of Law, Geoengineering Proposals, Climate Change and International Governance Structures
Professor Gabriel Eckstein, Texas Tech Law School, Climate Change Implications for Global Water Resources and International Law
Professor James Kushner, Southwestern Law School, Planning for Global Climate Change: Mapping the Potential Legislation
Professor Andrew Long, Florida Coastal Law School, Biodiversity, Forestry and Climate Change in International Environmental Law
Professor Patrick McGinley, West Virginia Law School, Mountain Top Removal


Professor Peter Appel, University of Georgia Law School, and Dr. T. Rick Irvin, Sustainable Commerce
Professor Tony Arnold, Louis D. Brandeis School of Law, University of Louisville, The Lake, the Trust, and the Map: Can Environmental Law Achieve Environmental Conservation?
Professor Kim Diana Connolly and Dr. Sonya Forte Duhe;, University of South Carolina, Dealing with Environmental Law and Policy in the Press
Professor Patricia R. McCubbin, Southern Illinois University School of Law, China and Climate Change
Professor John C. Nagle, Notre Dame Law School, The Evangelical Debate Over Climate Change

Professor Victor Flatt, University of Houston Law Center, Taking the Legislative Temperature: Which Federal Climate Change Legislative Proposal is Best? 
Professor Gary Marchant, Arizona State University College of Law, Environmental Regulation of Nanotechnology
Professor Robin Craig, Florida State University College of Law, Public Health and Ecosystem Services
Professor Deepa Badrinarayana, Chapman University School of Law, Trade and Climate Change:  Is There a Path to Sustainable Development Under Law?
Professor Lesley McAllister, University of San Diego School of Law, Moving Toward Stringency in Emissions Trading: The Problem of Slack Caps


Professor Michael C. Blumm, Lewis and Clark Law School, Justice Kennedy and the Environment
Professor John Dernbach, Widener Law School, Climate Change and Global Warming
Environmental Law Institute, Marine Aquaculture: A Growing Business 

Professor Dorothy Bisbee, Southern New England School of Law, Applying Agricultural Nuisance and Zoning Exemptions to On-Farm Wind Farms
Professor Fred Cheever, University of Denver College of Law,  Law and Nature on the Wildland-Urban Border
Environmental Law Institute,  Water Cases Before the Supreme Court: Is Federal Environmental law Sunk?
Professor J.B. Ruhl, Florida State University Law School, The Effects of Wetlands Mitigation Banking on People
Professor Eleanor Stein, Albany Law School, Global Warming: Public Nuisance or Political Question? 
A Case Study of Connecticut v. American Electric Power

Professor Peter Appel, University of Georgia Law School, Wilderness Policy
Professor William C.G. Burns, University of Redlands, Department of Environmental Studies, Far From Heaven: The Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Pacific Island Developing Countries and International Legal Responses
ELI Associates Seminar,Alternative Strategies for Addressing Mercury Pollution
Professor Dennis Hirsch, Capital Law School, What Privacy Regulation Can Learn From Environmental Law
Professor Hari Osofsky, Whittier Law School, Learning from Environmental Justice: A New Model for International Environmental Rights

ELI Associates Seminar, Healthy Forests Initiative
Professor Shi-Ling Hsu, George Washington University Law School, Fairness Versus Efficiency in Environmental Law 
Professor Irma Russell, University of Memphis School of Law, Ethics in the Practice of Environmental Law 
Professor Stephen M. Johnson, Mercer University Law School, Market-Based Pollution Control Programs and Environmental Justice 

Ray Coss, Bridgestone-Firestone, Environmental Management Systems and Voluntary Environmental Codes
Environmental Law Institute Associates Seminar,Prospects for Second Generation Legislation: Congressional, State, EPA and Other Views
Dr. Robert J. Goldstein, Pace University School of Law, "Putting Environmental Law on the Map: A Spatial Approach to Environmental Law Using GIS"
Environmental Law Institute Associates Seminar, Climate Change: Using State Policy Tools at the Federal Level
Professor Zygmunt Plater, Boston College Law School, "Of Small Fish, Environmental Law and Democratic Governance"
Professor Susan Smith, Willamette University College of Law, "The Endangered Species Act Goes to the City."
Professor Robert Verchick, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law, "The Commerce Clause, Environmental Justice and the Interstate Garbage Wars

Andriy Andrusevych, Lviv National University (Ukraine), "Environmental Human Rights in International Law"
Professor William Buzbee, Emory University Law School, "Sprawl"
Professor Bob Collin, University of Oregon, "Environmental Justice, Sustainability, and Urban Planning"
Professor Kim Diana Connolly, University of South Carolina Law School,  "Essential Fish Habitat"
Professor Robin Craig, Western New England College of Law, "Nonpoint source pollution"
Professor Gary Marchant, Arizona State University Law School (Co-counsel in American Trucking), "American Trucking Associations, Inc. v. EPA"

Professor John Bonine, Univ. of Oregon Law School, "Standing to Sue: The First Step in Access to Justice"

Dr. Robert D. Bullard, Clark Atlanta University, "Environmental Justice: Strategies for Creating Healthy and Sustainable Communities"
Professor James Grijalva, Univ. of North Dakota School of Law, "Environmental Justice in Indian Country"
Professor Howard Latin, Rutgers Law School/Newark, "EcoVitality"
Paul Smyth, U.S. Dept. of Interior, Solicitor's Office, "Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument"
Justine Thompson, Southern Envtl. Law Center, "Regulation of CAFOs"

Professor Robert Kuehn, Dir. - Tulane Law School Environmental Law Clinic, "The Shintech siting controversy"

Professor Wang Xi, Vice Director, Research Institute of Environmental Law, Wuhan University, "China's role in international environmental law"
Robert Yuhnke, Lead Counsel, American Lung Assn. v. Browner "The NAAQS process"