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March 27:

Global Warming: Public Nuisance or Political Question?
A Case Study of Connecticut v. American Electric Power
Professor Eleanor Stein, Albany Law School
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Eleanor Stein is currently a visiting associate professor at Albany Law School, teaching transnational  environmental law with a focus on catastrophic climate change. For ten years she served as an Administrative Law Judge at the New York State Public Service Commission in Albany, New York, where she presided over and mediated New York’s Renewable Portfolio Standard proceeding, a collaboration and litigation of over 150 parties, authoring in June 2004 a comprehensive decision recommending a landmark state environmental initiative to combat global warming with incentives for renewable resource-fueled power generation. In addition to Transnational Environmental Law she has taught Alternative Dispute Resolution, Telecommunications Law for the Twentieth Century, Civil Procedure, and Applied Legal Reasoning (academic support) at Albany Law School and Women’s Rights as International Human Rights at the State University of New York at Albany.  She is the author of Book Review:  The Philosophical Foundations of Environmental Law: Property, Rights and Nature, and Ecological Sensitivity and Global Legal Pluralism, forthcoming in SOCIAL AND LEGAL STUDIES, London;  Global Warming: An International Human Rights Violation? Inuit Communities Petition at the Inter-American Commission On Human Rights, forthcoming in GOVERNMENT, LAW AND POLICY JOURNAL; The New York Renewable Portfolio Standard: Case Study in Process and Substance, 16 ENV. L. IN NEW YORK 3 (February 2005); and To Be of Use: W. Haywood Burns, 106 YALE LAW JOURNAL 753 (with Michael Ratner).


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