Winter 2011 Vol. 62, No. 2

2011 Articles Edition & Our Pending National Debate: Is Health Care Reform Constitutional

Bullying in Public Schools: The Intersection Between the Student's Free Speech Rights and the School's Duty to Protect
Elizabeth M. Jaffe and Robert J. D'Agostino
Page 407
Overcoming Under-Compensation and Under-Derrence in Interntional Tort Cases: Are Statutory Multiple Damages the Best Remedy?
Stephen J. Shapiro
Page 449
Waiver of the Right to Remove in Forum Selection Clauses Subject to the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards
William E. Marple and Andrew O. Wirmani
Page 501
What is a Judicial Author?
Peter Friedman
Page 519
Three Stories About Nature: Property, the Environment, and Ecosystem Services
Keith H. Hirokawa
Page 541
Our Pending National Debate: Is Health Care Reform Constitutional? - Article originated as a transcript of the remarks from the Hot Topic Panel Discussion on Health Care Reform held at the Association of American Law Schools meeting on January 7, 2011.
Brad Joondeph - 605, Randy E. Barnett - 608, Erwin Chemerinsky - 618, David G. Oedel - 623, and Gillian Metzger - 633
Page 605
The Last Rights: Controversial Ne Exeat Clause Grants Custodial Power Under Abbott v. Abbott
Danielle L. Brewer
Page 663
Milavetz, Gallop & Milavetz, P.A. v. United States: "In Contemplation of" the Meaning, Applicability, and Validity of Attorney Restrictions in the BAPCPA
Joseph D. Orenstein
Page 685

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