Summer 2011 Vol. 62, No. 4

2010 Eleventh Circuit Survey

Colin A. McRae and Edgar M. Smith
Page 1053
Appellate Practice and Procedure
Robert G. Boliek, Jr.
Page 1071
Hon. James D. Walker, Jr. and Amber Nickell
Page 1085
Class Actions
Thomas M. Byrne and Stacey McGavin Mohr
Page 1107
Employment Discrimination
Peter Reed Corbin and John E. Duvall
Page 1125
W. Randall Bassett and Susan M. Clare
Page 1163
Federal Taxation
Augustus N. Makris
Page 1187
Labor and Employment
Patrick L. Coyle and Alexandra V. Garrison
Page 1199
Trial Practice and Procedure
John O'Shea Sullivan, Ashby L. Kent, and Amanda Wilson
Page 1217
Hiding in Plain Sight: Protection from GPS Technology Requires Congressional Action, Not a Stretch of the Fourth Amendment
Kimberly C. Smith
Page 1243
Whistle While You Work: The Fairytale-Like Whistleblower Provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act and the Emergence of "Greedy," the Eighth Dwarf
Lucienne M. Hartmann
Page 1279
Caps Off to Juries: Noneconomic Damage Caps in Medical Malpractice Cases Ruled Unconstitutional
Jennifer W. Terry
Page 1315
State v. Jackson and the Explosion of Liability for Felony Murder
Brian E. Brupbacher
Page 1335

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