2005 Vol. 56, No. 3

Lead Articles Edition—Symposium: Judicial Professionalism in a New Era of Judicial Selection

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Page 807
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Page 807
Session One: Recent Changes in the Law of Judicial Elections
Eric P. Schroeder, Cheryl Fisher Custer, Barbara E. Reed, and Patrick E. Longan, Moderator
Page 815
Session Two: Improving the Election of Judges, Part I
A. James Elliott, David W. Clark, Mary Klenz, and Elizabeth A. Price, Moderator
Page 839
Session Three: Improving the Election of Judges, Part II
Michael Sweeney, William Weisenberg, Seth S. Anderson, and Seth D. Kirschenbaum, Moderator
Page 859
Session Four: Alternatives to Electing Judges
Alfred P. Carlton, Jr., Mark S. Hurwitz, Drew N. Lanier, and The Honorable Ben W. Studdard, Moderator
Page 885
Judicial Professionalism in a New Era of Judicial Selection
Patrick Emery Longan
Page 913
Perspectives on Judicial Selection
Norman L. Greene
Page 949
Tripping the Rift: Navigating Judicial Speech Fault Lines in the Post-White Landscape
Barbara E. Reed
Page 971
Judicial Selection: A Selective Bibliography
Suzanne L. Cassidy
Page 1019
Awakening a Slumbering Giant: Georgia's Judicial Selection System After White and Weaver
Camille M. Tribble
Page 1035
Blakely v. Washington: Sixth Amendment Limitation on Judicial Factfinding
Rebecca K. McKelvey
Page 1079
Locke v. Davey: The Fine Line Between Free Exercise and Establishment
Brett Thompson
Page 1093
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Page 1109

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