2006 Vol. 57, No. 3

Lead Articles Edition--Symposium: Revitalizing FRCP 68: Can Offers of Judgment Provide Adequate Incentives for Fair, Early Settlement of Fee-Recovery Cases?

Biographical Information of Symposium Participants
Biographical Information
Page 717
Of Offers Not (Frequently) Made and (Rarely) Accepted: The Mystery of Federal Rule 68
Harold S. Lewis, Jr. and Thomas A. Eaton
Page 723
"Background and Federal Judicial Interpretation of Rule 68"

Page 743
"Utilization and Alternatives to Rule 68"

Page 771
"Changes to Rule 68"

Page 791
Luncheon Speech
William W. Schwarzer
Page 815
Symposium on FRCP 68: Lessons from New Jersey
Albert Yoon
Page 825
Symposium Reflections: A Rulemaking Perspective
Edward H. Cooper
Page 839
Student Speech Rights in the Modern Era
Brett Thompson
Page 857
Jackson v. Birmingham Board of Education and the Expansion of Title IX's Judicially Implied Right of Private Action
Darl H. Champion, Jr.
Page 901
Merck KGaA v. Integra Lifesciences I, Ltd.: Does the Breadth of Safe Harbor Protection Toll the Death Knell for Biotech Research Companies?
Tiffany L. Williams
Page 917
Pennsylvania State Police v. Suders
Letoyia C. Brooks
Page 933
Return to Sender: Supreme Court Authorizes Removal of Aliens Without Prior Consent from the Destination Country in Jama v. ICE
Jennifer E. Richter
Page 953
Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act Applies to Foreign Cruise Ships; But What Exactly is Required?
Samantha Allison Dipolito
Page 971
Table of Cases

Page 985

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