2003 Vol. 55, No. 1

Annual Survey of Georgia Law: June 1, 2002-May 31, 2003

Local Government Litigation: Some Pivotal Principles
R. Perry Sentell, Jr.
Page 1
Administrative Law
Martin M. Wilson
Page 35
Business Associations
Paul A. Quiros, Lynn S. Scott, and James F. Brumsey
Page 55
Construction Law
Dennis J. Webb, Jr., Justin S. Scott, Henry L. Balkcom IV, and Dana R. Grantham
Page 85
Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure
John O. Cole and Bonnie K. Cole
Page 117
Death Penalty Law
Michael Mears and Holly Geerdes
Page 175
Domestic Relations
Barry B. McGough and Gregory R. Miller
Page 223
Education Law
Jerry A. Lumley
Page 237
Marc T. Treadwell
Page 249
Stephen L. Cotter, Stephen M. Schatz, and Bradley S. Wolff
Page 277
Labor and Employment
W. Melvin Haas, III, William M. Clifton, III, and W. Jonathan Martin, II
Page 303
Legal Ethics
Patrick Emery Longan
Page 329
Local Government Law
R. Perry Sentell, Jr.
Page 353
Real Property
Linda S. Finley, Scott H. Michalove, and James S. Trieschmann, Jr.
Page 397
Tort Law
Leighton Moore
Page 425
Trial Practice and Procedure
Jason Crawford, Matthew E. Cook, J. Clay Fuller, Michael A. Eddings, and Dustin T. Brown
Page 439
Wills, Trusts, Guardianships, and Fiduciary Administration
Mary F. Radford
Page 459
Workers' Compensation
H. Michael Bagley, Daniel C. Kniffen, Katherine D. Dixon, and Marion H. Martin
Page 481

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