2004 Vol. 55, No. 4

2003 Eleventh Circuit Survey

A Tribute to The Honorable Anthony A. Alaimo

Page 1045
Robert S. Glenn, Jr., Colin A. McRae, and Jessica L. McClellan
Page 1069
Appellate Practice and Procedure
K. Todd Butler
Page 1087
Hon. James D. Walker, Jr. and Amber Nickell
Page 1101
Constitutional Civil Rights
Hon. C. Ashley Royal
Page 1131
Criminal Procedure
Charles E. Cox, Jr.
Page 1149
Employment Discrimination
Peter Reed Corbin and John E. Duvall
Page 1175
Environmental Law
Travis M. Trimble
Page 1201
Marc T. Treadwell
Page 1219
Federal Sentencing Guidelines
Rosemary T. Cakmis
Page 1239
Federal Taxation
Donald R. Bly and Michael H. Plowgian
Page 1313
Intellectual Property
Laurence P. Colton and Nigamnarayan Acharya
Page 1327
Labor and Employment
Jerry C. Newsome and K. Alex Khoury
Page 1353
A Deep Breath Before the Plunge: Undoing Miranda's Failure Before It's Too Late
Benjamin D. Cunningham
Page 1375
Georgia's Children On Our Minds
Nicole Sheppe
Page 1415
Who Gets the Hooch?: Georgia, Florida, and Alabama Battle for Water From the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin
C. Hansell Watt IV
Page 1453
Defining Misappropriation: The Spousal Duty of Loyalty and the Expectation of Benefit
M. Anne Kaufold
Page 1489
Finding Immunity: Manders v. Lee and the Erosion of 1983 Liability
Thomas B. Ward
Page 1505

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