2008 Vol. 60, No. 1

Annual Survey of Georgia Law: June 1, 2007 - May 31, 2008

Administrative Law
Martin M. Wilson and Jennifer A. Blackburn
Page 1
Appellate Practice and Procedure
Roland F. L. Hall
Page 21
Business Associations
Paul A. Quiros, Lynn S. Scott, William B. Shearer III, and William S. Smoak Jr.
Page 35
Construction Law
Frank O. Brown, Jr.
Page 59
Criminal Law
Franklin J. Hogue and Laura D. Hogue
Page 85
Death Penalty Law
Therese M. Day
Page 105
Domestic Relations
Barry B. McGough and Elinor H. Hitt
Page 121
Marc T. Treadwell
Page 135
Stephen L. Cotter, Stephen M. Schatz, and Brad S. Wolff
Page 191
Labor and Employment Law
W. Melvin Haas, III, William M. Clifton, III, W. Jonathan Martin, II, and Glen R. Fagan
Page 217
Legal Ethics
Patrick Emery Longan
Page 237
Local Government Law
R. Perry Sentell, Jr.
Page 263
Product Liability
Franklin P. Brannen, Jr. and Jacob E. Daly
Page 303
Real Property
Linda S. Finley
Page 345
Deron R. Hicks and Travis C. Hargrove
Page 375
Trial Practice and Procedure
Kate S. Cook, Alan J. Hamilton, and John C. Morrison III
Page 397
Wills, Trusts, Guardianships, and Fiduciary Administration
Mary F. Radford
Page 417
Workers' Compensation
H. Michael Bagley, Daniel C. Kniffen, and Katherine D. Dixon
Page 433
Zoning and Land Use Law
Dennis J. Webb, Jr., Marcia McCrory Ernst, John Chadwick Torri, and Davene D. Walker
Page 457

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