2009 Vol. 60, No. 3

Lead Articles Edition--Symposium: Ethics and Professionalism in the Digital Age

Foreword: Ethics and Professionalism in the Digital Age
Patrick Emery Longan
Page 845
Whatever Happened to the Search for Truth?
Monroe H. Freedman
Page 851
E-Discovery and the Problem of Asymmetric Knowledge with Jason R. Baron; responses: Chilton D. Varner & Hon. John M. Facciola AND "The Wicked Quadrant" - A Theoretical Construct to Understand Unethical Behavior in E-Discovery with Ralph Losey; responses: William F. Hamilton & Hon. David A. Baker

Page 863
The Internet and Lawyer Marketing with Michael Buchdahl, Paula J. Frederick & Diane L. Karpman AND The Dangers of Electronic Documents and Communications: Lessons for Attorneys with David Hricik, Carolyn Southerland & Andrew M. Perlman

Page 927
Lawyers Behaving Badly: Understanding Unprofessional Conduct in e-Discovery
Ralph C. Losey
Page 983
Constitutional Burdens on the Right to Vote: Crawford v. Marion County Election Board
Ian McMullen
Page 1007
Deal or No Deal: It's a Deal in Morgan Stanley Capital Group, Inc. v. Public Utility District No. 1 of Snohomish County, Washington
Catherine Ascani
Page 1025
LaRue v. DeWolff, Boberg & Associates, Inc.: Investing More ERISA Fiduciary Breach Protection for Individuals' Retirement Plans
Jonathan Jarrell
Page 1043
Protecting Our Children or Upholding Free Speech: Does One Exclude the Other? United States v. Williams
Taylor McNeill
Page 1059
"Adverse Employment Action" - How Much Harm Must be Shown to Sustain a Claim of Discrimination Under Title VII?
Autumn George
Page 1075

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