2009 Vol. 60, No. 4

2008 Eleventh Circuit Survey

Colin A. McRae and Christopher Lempesis
Page 1111
Appellate Practice and Procedure
Robert G. Boliek, Jr.
Page 1129
Hon. James D. Walker, Jr. and Amber Nickell
Page 1141
Class Actions
Thomas M. Byrne
Page 1163
Employment Discrimination
Peter Reed Corbin and John E. Duvall
Page 1173
Environmental Law
Travis M. Trimble
Page 1193
Marc T. Treadwell
Page 1211
Federal Taxation
Dustin M. Covello, Jacquelyn L. Griffin, and Svetoslav S. Minkov
Page 1235
Intellectual Property
Laurence P. Colton, Todd Williams, and Dana T. Hustins
Page 1255
Labor and Employment
W. Christopher Arbery, Valerie N. Njiiri, and Leslie Eanes
Page 1281
Trial Practice and Procedure
John O'Shea Sullivan and Ashby L. Kent
Page 1313
2009: A Blawg Odyssey: Exploring How the Legal Community Is Using Blogs and How Blogs are Changing the Legal Community
Brian A. Craddock
Page 1353
The Fairness Doctrine: The BCS of American Politics
Josh Martin
Page 1393
District of Columbia v. Heller: Firing Blanks?
Nicole Price
Page 1437
Lethal Injection: A Constitutional Cocktail?
Jessica Morgan
Page 1463
Of Two Minds about Plain Meaning: The Supreme Court's Interpretation of the Word "Any" in 28 U.S.C. Section 2680(c)
Kevin Hembree
Page 1487
Shots, Shoes, and Self-Representation: Indiana v. Edwards and the New Limitation on the Sixth Amendment Right of Self-Representation
Jaime Kristine Richards
Page 1509

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