2001 Vol. 53, No. 1

Annual Survey of Georgia Law: June 1, 2000 - May 31, 2001

Georgia Courts in the 21st Century: The Report of the Supreme Court of Georgia Blue Ribbon Commission on the Judiciary
Richard W. Creswell
Page 1
Statutes in Derogation of the Common Law In the Georgia Supreme Court
R. Perry Sentell, Jr.
Page 41
Administrative Law
Martin M. Wilson
Page 81
Business Associations
Paul A. Quiros, Lynn S. Scott, and James F. Brumsey
Page 109
Commercial Law
Robert A. Weber, Jr.
Page 153
Construction Law
Dennis J. Webb, Jr., Justin S. Scott, and Henry L. Balkcom IV
Page 173
Criminal Law
Franklin J. Hogue, Laura D. Hogue, and Marcus S. Henson
Page 209
Death Penalty Law
Michael Mears
Page 233
Domestic Relations
Barry B. McGough and Gregory R. Miller
Page 265
Education Law
Jerry A. Lumley
Page 281
Marc T. Treadwell
Page 295
Stephen L. Cotter, C. Bradford Marsh, and Bradley S. Wolff
Page 315
Labor and Employment Law
W. Melvin Haas III, William M. Clifton III, and W. Jonathan Martin II
Page 349
Legal Ethics
Patrick Emery Longan
Page 379
Local Government Law
R. Perry Sentell, Jr.
Page 389
Deron R. Hicks and Jacob E. Daly
Page 441
Trial Practice and Procedure
Terrance C. Sullivan, Jason Crawford, and Matthew E. Cook
Page 475
Wills, Trusts & Administration of Estates
Mary F. Radford
Page 499
Workers' Compensation
H. Michael Bagley, Daniel C. Kniffen, Katherine D. Dixon, and Marion Handley Martin
Page 521

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