2001 Vol. 52, No. 2

Lead Articles Edition--A Symposium: Brown v. Board of Education--An Exercise in Advocacy

Brown v. Board of Education After Fifty Years: Context and Synopsis
James L. Hunt
Page 549
Biographical Information of Participants

Page 575
A Transcript Featuring William H. Harbaugh, E. Barrett Prettyman Jr., Mark O. Tushnet, Leland B. Ware, and John O. Cole, as Moderator, and a Special Video Presentation by Oliver W. Hill

Page 581
Setting the Stage for Brown: The Development and Implementation of the NAACP's School Desegregation Campaign, 1930-1950
Leland B. Ware
Page 631
Intellectual Property in Georgia
Laurence P. Colton and Nigam J. Acharya
Page 675
Tree Preservation Ordinances: Sacrificing Private Timber Rights on the Diminutive Altar of Public Benefit
Brian E. Daughdrill and Kathryn M. Zickert
Page 705
Carruthers v. State: Thou Shalt Not Make Direct Religious References in Closing Argument
Marcus S.Henson
Page 731
Dale v. Boy Scourts of America: Whether the Application of New Jersey's Public Accommodationsn Law, Forcing the Boy Scouts to Include an Avowed Homosexual, Violates the Scouts' First Amendment Freedom of Expressive Association
Jacob M. Carpenter
Page 745
Garner v. Jones: Restricting Prisoners' Ex Post Facto Challenges to Changes in Parole Systems
Robert A. Renjel
Page 761
Lee v. State Farm Mutual Insurance Company: A Partial Exception to Georgia's Impact Rule to Allow Parental Recovery for Emotional Distress from Witnessing the Suffering and Death of a Child
Joseph I. Marchant
Page 777
Ohler v. United States: Defendants Waive Appellate Review By Reducing the Sting of Prior Conviction Impeachment Evidence
Misty Dawn Garrett
Page 789

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