2001 Vol. 52, No. 3

Articles Edition--A Symposium: Ethical Issues in Settlement Negotiations

Ethics in Settlement Negotiations: Foreword
Patrick Emery Longan
Page 807
The Incompleteness of the Model Rules and the Development of Professional Standards
Nathan M. Crystal
Page 839
Session One: Limits on Misleading Conduct -- A Transcript Featuring The Honorable Thomas Zlaket, Wm. Reece Smith Jr., Esq., Professor Nathan Crystal, and Professor Amy Mashburn as Moderator

Page 859
Session Two: Conditional Settlement Agreements -- A Transcript Featuring The Honorable Marvin Aspen, Evett Simmons, Esq., Professor Ronald Ellington, and Professor Bruce Green as Moderator

Page 891
Session Three: Fairness Issues in Negotiation -- A Transcript Featuring The Honorable Mary Scriven, Nancy Degan, Esq., Professor James Moliterno, and Edward M. Waller, Jr., Esq. as Moderator

Page 917
Session Four: Special Issues in Assisted Settlement -- A Transcript Featuring The Honorable S. Philip Brown, Ronald Jay Cohen, Esq., Professor Ellen Yaroshefsky, and Associate Dean James Elliott as Moderator

Page 947
Those Who Worry About the Ethics of Negotiation Should Never be Viewed as Just Another Set of Service Providers
Lawrence J. Fox
Page 977
A Transcript of the March 10, 2001 Luncheon Speech
Patrick E. Higginbotham
Page 993
Gay Marriages and Civil Unions: Democracy, The Judiciary and Discursive Space in the Liberal Society
Mae Kuykendall
Page 1003
Not Interaction but Melding--The "Russian Dressing" Theory of Emotions: An Explanation of the Phenomenology of Emotions and Rationality with Suggested Related Maxims for Judges and Other Legal Decision Makers
Peter Brandon Bayer
Page 1033
Rewriting Near v. Minnesota: Creating a Complete Definition of Prior Restraint
Michael I. Meyerson
Page 1087
The Effect of the Mandated Discount Rate on the Value of Wrongful Death Awards in Georgia
Charles Dominique and David R. Kamerschen
Page 1147
Albany Urology Clinic, P.C. v. Cleveland: Why You Should Always Ask Your Urologist if He Is a Cocaine Addict
Kate Sievert Cook
Page 1159
United States v. Playboy Entertainment Group, Inc.: A Twenty-Four-House Safe Harbor for Sexually Explicit Programming
Brandon T. Grinsted
Page 1171
Resolving the MDP Issue: Deciding If the Status Quo Is What's Best for the Client
Julia J. Hall
Page 1191

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