2001 Vol. 52, No. 4

2000 Eleventh Circuit Survey

Poking Along in the Fast Lane on the Information Super Highway: Territorial-Based Jurisprudence in a Technological World
Brian E. Daughdrill
Page 1217
Robert S. Glenn, Jr. and Colin A. McRae
Page 1241
Appellate Practice and Procedure
William M. Droze and Suzanne F. Sturdivant
Page 1261
Constitutional Civil Rights
John Sanchez
Page 1279
Constitutional Criminal Procedure
James P. Fleissner, Sarah B. Mabery, and Jeanne L. Wiggins
Page 1305
Employment Discrimination
Peter Reed Corbin and John E. Duvall
Page 1367
Marc T. Treadwell
Page 1403
Federal Sentencing Guidelines
Rosemary T. Cakmis and James T. Skuthan
Page 1421
Federal Taxation
Suellen M. Wolfe and Jennifer N. Moore
Page 1473
Labor and Employment Law
Richard Gerakitis, James P. Ferguson, Jr., and Dorothy E. Larkin
Page 1491
Securities Regulation
L. Briley Brisendine, Jr.
Page 1507
Trial Practice and Procedure
Philip W. Savrin
Page 1519
Apprendi v. New Jersey: Should Any Factual Determination Authorizing An Increase in a Criminal Defendant's Sentence be Proven to a Jury Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
Jason Ferguson
Page 1531
Reeves v. Sanderson Plumbing Products: Stemming the Tide of Motions for Summary Judgment and Motions for Judgment as a Matter of Law
Trevor K. Ross
Page 1549
Judicial Jabberwocky in the Presidential Election 2000: When Law and Facts Collide with Politics
Theresa H. Hammond
Page 1567
The Inherent Constitutionality of the Police Use of Deadly Force to Stop Dangerous Pursuits
Michael Douglas Owens
Page 1599

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