2000 Vol. 51, No. 2

Articles Edition—The Burgeoning Mt. Healthy Mixed-Motive Defense to Civil Rights and Employment Discrimination Claims

Three Arguments Against Mt. Healthy: Tort Theory, Constitutional Torts, and Freedom of Speech
Michael Wells
Page 583
Mt. Healthy and Causation-in-Fact: The Court Still Doesn't Get It!
Sheldon Nahmod
Page 603
An Essay on Texas v. Lesage
Christina B. Whitman
Page 621
Mt. Healthy, Causation and Affirmative Defenses
Joesph Z. Fleming
Page 637
Mixed-Motive Cases in Employment Discrimination Law Revisited: A Brief Updated View of the Swamp
Robert Belton
Page 651
"Mixed Motive" Discrimination Under the Civil Rights Act of 1991: Still a "Pyrrhic Victory" for Plaintiffs?
Thomas H. Barnard and George S. Crisci
Page 673
Chaos or Coherence: Individual Disparate Treatment Discrimination and the ADEA
Michael J. Zimmer
Page 693
Price Waterhouse: Alive and Well Under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act
H. Lane Dennard, Jr. and Kendall L. Kelly
Page 721
The Mixed-Motives Defense in Workplace Discrimination Actions and Its Procedural Issues in the Eleventh Circuit
Richard A. Weller
Page 745
Rainey v. Chever: Expanding a Natural Father's Right to Inherit from His Illegitimate Child
Elizabeth G. Long
Page 761
Resolving the Conflict Between Receipt and Proper Service: Murphy Bros. v. Michetti Pipe Stringing, Inc.
Jennifer N. Moore
Page 775
Seay v. Cleveland: Resolution of the Ministerial Discretionary Dichotomy
Franklin D. Guerrero, Jr.
Page 787
Sutton v. United Air Lines, Inc.: The Role of Mitigating Measures in Determining Disabilities
Julia J. Hall
Page 799

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