2000 Vol. 51, No. 4

1999 Eleventh Circuit Survey

Admiralty Law
George M. Earle
Page 1013
Michael Eric Ross and Jeffrey S. Cashdan
Page 1035
Appellate Practice and Procedure
William M. Droze and Jeri N. Sute
Page 1043
The Honorable W.H. Drake, Jr. and Christopher S. Strickland
Page 1063
Constitutional Criminal Procedure
James P. Fleissner and Amy C. Reeder
Page 1089
Employment Discrimination
Peter Reed Corbin and John E. Duvall
Page 1123
Environmental Law
W. Scott Laseter and Chintan K. Amin
Page 1151
Marc. T. Treadwell
Page 1165
Federal Sentencing Guidelines
James T. Skuthan and Rosemary T. Cakmis
Page 1189
Federal Taxation
Kimberly S. Piar, Donald P. Hensel, M. Todd Prewett, and Donald R. Bly
Page 1249
Intellectual Property
Michael W. Rafter
Page 1269
Trial Practice and Procedure
Philip W. Savrin
Page 1291
Chandler v. James: Welcoming Student Prayer Back in the Schoolhouse Gate
Sarah Beth Mabery
Page 1309
Kumbo Tire Co. v. Carmichael: Daubert's Gatekeeping Method Expanded to Apply To All Expert Testimony
Jeanne Wiggins
Page 1325
Lilly v. Virginia: Answering the Williamson Question--Is the Statement Against Penal Interest Exception "Firmly Rooted" Under Confrontation Clause Analysis?
Kim Mark Minix
Page 1343
United States v. Dickerson: The Beginning of the End for Miranda?
James R. O'Neill
Page 1359

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