1999 Vol. 50, No. 4

1998 Eleventh Circuit Survey

Administrative Law
Terri L. Carver
Page 827
Admiralty Law
Robert S. Glenn, Jr., George M. Earle, and Marc G. Marling
Page 837
Michael Eric Ross and Jeffrey S. Cashdan
Page 859
Appellate Practice and Procedure
William M. Droze and Andrea L. Siedlecki
Page 871
The Honorable W.H. Drake, Jr. and Christopher S. Strickland
Page 891
Constitutional Criminal Procedure: A Two Year Survey
James P. Fleissner and Jeffrey R. Harris
Page 921
Employment Discrimination
Peter Reed Corbin and Richard L. Ruth
Page 969
Environmental Law
W. Scott Laseter and Julie V. Mayfield
Page 1005
Marc T. Treadwell
Page 1019
Federal Sentencing Guidelines
James T. Skuthan and Rosemary T. Cakmis
Page 1035
Labor Law
Stephen W. Mooney and Leigh Lawson Reeves
Page 1061
Securities Regulation
David M. Calhoun and L. Briley Brisendine, Jr.
Page 1081
Trial Practice and Procedure
Philip W. Savrin and Robert W. Capobianco
Page 1103
Burlington Industries, Inc. v. Ellerth: An Affirmative Defense Against Employer Liability for Supervisory Harassment
Joyelle K. Werner
Page 1121
City of Chicago v. International College of Surgeons: The Interplay Between Supplemental Jurisdiction and Cross-System Appeals, and the Impact on Federalism
Jacob Edward Daly
Page 1137
Environmental Justice: Is Disparate Impact Enough?
Jimmy White
Page 1155

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