1998 Vol. 49, No. 3

Articles Edition

The Heart of the Matter: The Property Right Conferred by Copyright
Douglas Y'Barbo
Page 643
Legal Writing: Its Nature, Limits, and Dangers
Douglas Litowitz
Page 709
The Process and the Product: A Bibliography of Scholarship About Legal Scholarship
Mary Beth Beazley and Linda H. Edwards
Page 741
Introduction to a Panel on the Modernization of Financial Regulation: What Is the Governmental Role in Finance, Anyway?
David G. Oedel
Page 771
Reflections on the Ongoing Effort to Modernize Financial Services Regulation
John D. Hawke, Jr.
Page 777
Financial Modernization: Implications for the Safety Net
Thomas M. Hoenig
Page 787
The Search for a New Regulatory Paradigm
Michael Taylor
Page 793
Amchem Products, Inc. v. Windsor: The Supreme Court Defines the Standard for Settlement Class Action Certification
Jimmy White
Page 809
Board of the County Commissioners v. Brown: Nepotism, Skepticism, and Causation Under 42 U.S.C. ยง 1983
Jeff Harris
Page 821
Kansas v. Hendricks: Fighting for Children on the Slippery Slope
Michael L. AtLee
Page 835
Maryland v. Wilson: The Fading Fourth Amendment
Gregory Lineberry
Page 845
Old Chief v. United States: Radical Change or Minor Departure? How Much Further Will Courts Go in Limiting the Prosecution's Ability to Try Its Case?
Scott Patterson
Page 855
United States v. Mitchell: The Fifth Amendment at Sentencing
Matthew E. Cook
Page 865
Where to Draw the Line? The Supreme Court Reverses on Federal Funding Programs Regarding Religious Schools: Agostini v. Felton
Michael N. White
Page 877
How Should Property Be Valued In a Cram Down?
Mark E. Beatty
Page 891
Rough Terrain Ahead: A New Course for Racial Preference Programs
Jeremy Moeser
Page 915

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