1998 Vol. 49, No. 4

1997 Eleventh Circuit Survey

Administrative Law
Terri L. Carver
Page 947
Michael Eric Ross and Jeffrey S. Cashdan
Page 967
Appellate Practice and Procedure
William M. Droze
Page 979
W. Homer Drake, Jr. and Michael M. Duclos
Page 991
Environmental Law
W. Scott Laseter and Julie V. Mayfield
Page 1007
Marc T. Treadwell
Page 1027
Federal Practice
The Honorable Richard Mills
Page 1045
Federal Sentencing Guidelines
Andrea Wilson
Page 1065
Federal Taxation
Ben E. Muraskin, James A. Lawton, and Tiffani W. Greene
Page 1087
Trial Practice and Procedure
Philip W. Savrin and Robyn L. Oliver
Page 1101
Brisentine v. Stone & Webster Engineering
William White
Page 1121
Chandler v. Miller: The Supreme Court Closed the Door on the Factual Instances That Warrant Suspicionless Searches
Justin Scott
Page 1131
Smith v. State: The Georgia Supreme Court Mandated Jury Instructions in Battered Person Syndrome Cases
Sherry M. Hall
Page 1141
Apportioning Coverage Responsibility of Consecutive Insurers When the Actual Occurrence of Injury Cannot be Ascertained: Who Has to Contribute in a Settlement?
Rob S. Register
Page 1151

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