1997 Vol. 48, No. 2

Lead Articles Edition--Symposium: Choice of Law: How It Ought To Be

Brainerd Currie: I Am The Very Model of a Modern Intellectual
Jack L. Sammons
Page 623
Choice of Law Symposium Transcript Featuring: David Currie, Robert Felix, Herma Hill Kay, Marjorie F. Knowles, Bruce Posnak, John Rees, Jr., and Jack L. Sammons

Page 639
Back to The Past: Anti-Pragmatism In American Conflicts Law
Patrick J. Borchers
Page 721
The Interested Forum
Stanley E. Cox
Page 727
Choice of Law: How it Ought Not To Be
Friedrich K. Juenger
Page 757
Interest Groups, Contracts, and Interest Analysis
Erin O'Hara and Larry E. Ribstein
Page 765
What Happens When Parties Fail to Prove Foreign Law?
William L. Reynolds
Page 775
A Real World Prospective On Choice Of Law
Robert A. Sedler
Page 781
Justice and the Conflict of Laws
Joesph William Singer
Page 831
Notes From The Eye Of The Storm
Gene R. Shreve
Page 831
Resolving Six Celebrated Conflicts Cases Through Statutory Choice-of-Law Rules
Symeon C. Symeonides
Page 837
Comments on the Roundtable Discussion of Choice of Law
Russell J. Weintraub
Page 871
"The Entrails of a Goat": Reflections on Reading Lea Brilmayer's Hague Lectures
Herma Hill Kay
Page 891
Bennett v. Plenert: The Ninth Circuit's Application of the Zone of Interests Test to Citizen Suits under the Endangered Species Act
Alyssa Wardrup
Page 917
44 Liquormart, Inc. v. Rhode Island: The Supreme Court Overturns a Ban on Liquor Price Advertising
Laura Harrison
Page 931
Hopwood v. Texas: The Beginning of the End for Racial Preference Programs in Higher Education
Jeremy Moeser
Page 941
Markman v. Westview Instruments, Inc.: The Supreme Court Narrows the Jury's Role in Patent Litigation
Elizabeth J. Norman
Page 955
Variety Corp. v. Howe: Will it Cause an Increase in Litigation Against Employers Who Administer ERISA Plans?
Tina Knight Kukanza
Page 965

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