1997 Vol. 48, No. 3

Articles Edition

Gaining Appellate Review by "Manufacturing" A Final Judgment Through Voluntary Dismissal of Peripheral Claims
Rebecca A. Cochran
Page 979
Glide Path to an "Inclusionary Rule": How Expansion of the Good Faith Exception Threatens to Fundamentally Change the Exclusionary Rule
James P. Fleissner
Page 1023
How Many Times Was Lochner-Era Substantive Due Process Effective?
Michael J. Phillips
Page 1049
Legal Writing as a Kind of Philosophy
Joel R. Cornwell
Page 1091
Models of the Will and Negative Disinheritance
Frederic S. Schwartz
Page 1137
The Legal Advice Requirement of the Attorney-Client Privilege: A Special Problem for In-House Counsel and Outside Attorneys Representing Corporations
Grace M. Giesel
Page 1169
The Managed Care Dilemma: Can Theories of Tort Liability Adapt to the Realities of Cost Containment?
Barbara A. Noah
Page 1219
Bennis v. Michigan: The Supreme Court Clings to Precedent and Denies Innocent Owners a Defense to Forfeiture
Mark E. Beatty
Page 1265
BMW of North America, Inc. v. Gore: The Supreme Court Rejects a Punitive Damage Award on Due Process Grounds
Rob S. Register
Page 1273
Jaffee v. Redmond: The Supreme Court Adopts a Federal Psychotherapist-Patient Privilege and Extends the Scope to Encompass Licensed Social Workers
Melanie Stephens Stone
Page 1283
McCabe v. Life-Line Ambulance Service: Another Extension of the Over-Extended Administrative Search Exception
Anne Tunnessen
Page 1297
United States v. Armstrong: Permissible Prosecutorial Discretion?
Robert C. Brand
Page 1309
United States v. Ursery: The Long Arm of the Law Gets Reattached
Brian C. Max
Page 1319
The Jurisdiction of Trademark and Copyright Infringement on the Internet
James H. Aiken
Page 1331

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