1997 Vol. 48, No. 4

1996 Eleventh Circuit Survey

Thomas S. Rue
Page 1353
Michael Eric Ross and Jeffrey S. Cashdan
Page 1389
Appellate Practice and Procedure
Lawrence A. Slovensky
Page 1405
W. Homer Drake, Jr. and Michael M. Duclos
Page 1425
Constitutional Civil Law
Albert Sidney Johnson
Page 1455
Constitutional Criminal Procedure
James P. Fleissner
Page 1485
Employment Discrimination
Richard L. Ruth
Page 1527
Environmental Law
W. Scott Laseter and Julie V. Mayfield
Page 1577
Marc T. Treadwell
Page 1607
Federal Sentencing Guidelines
Deborah R. Jordan
Page 1629
Federal Taxation
Ben E. Muraskin, James A. Lawton, and Tiffani W. Greene
Page 1647
Labor Law
Stephen W. Mooney and Leigh Lawson Reeves
Page 1661
Securities Regulation
John L. Latham and Jenna L. Fruechtenict
Page 1677
Trial Practice and Procedure
Philip W. Savrin
Page 1727
In the Interest of R.E.W.: Visitation Rights of Homosexual Parents in Georgia
Allison Strazzella Brantley
Page 1751
Why Coercion Should be a Defense in Section 1 Cases Involving Vertical Agreements
Chad Plumley
Page 1761
Workers' Compensation and the Compensability of Attenuated Injuries: "One man's stress is another man's pleasure"
Jack Pritchard
Page 1775

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