1995 Vol. 47, No. 1

Annual Survey of Georgia Law: June 1, 1994 - May 31, 1995

The ALI Principles of Corporate Governance Compared with Georgia Law
Marjorie Fine Knowles and Colin Flannery
Page 1
Business Associations
Paul A. Quiros and Gregory M. Beil
Page 41
Construction Law
Brian J. Morrissey
Page 87
Domestic Relations
Barry B. McGough
Page 119
Marc T. Treadwell
Page 127
Maximilian A. Pock
Page 153
Legal Ethics
J. Randolph Evans and Anthony W. Morris
Page 197
Local Government Law
R. Perry Sentell, Jr.
Page 225
Real Property
T. Daniel Brannan, Stephen M. LaMastra, and William J. Sheppard
Page 269
Cynthia Trimboli Adams and Charles R. Adams III
Page 311
Trial Practice and Procedure
C. Frederick Overby and Jason Crawford
Page 353
Wills, Trusts, and Administration of Estates
James C. Rehberg
Page 387
Workers' Compensation
H. Michael Bagley, Daniel C. Kniffen, John G. Blackmon, Jr., and Phillip Comer Griffeth
Page 405

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