1995 Vol. 46, No. 2

Lead Articles Edition--Federal Judicial Independence Symposium

Introduction to Mercer Law Review Symposium on Federal Judicial Independence
L. Ralph Mecham
Page 637
Independence of the Judiciary for the Third Century
Deanell Reece Tacha
Page 645
Congress and the Courts: Establishing a Constructive Dialogue
Senator Orrin G. Hatch
Page 661
"Separateness but Interdependence, Auytonomy but Reciprocity": A First Look at Federal Judges' Appearances Before Legislative Committees
Harvey Rishikof and Barbara A. Perry
Page 667
Federal Judicial Independence: Constitutional and Political Perspectives
Martin H. Redish
Page 697
Judicial Power and the Rules Enabling Act
Linda S. Mullenix
Page 733
The Fragmentation of Federal Rules
Erwin Chemerinsky and Barry Friedman
Page 757
The Independence of Judges
James Zagel and Adam Winkler
Page 795
Federal Judges and the Judicial Branch: Their Independence and Accountability
Gordon Bermant and Russell R. Wheeler
Page 835
Judicial Independence: Can It Be Without Article III?
Richard B. Hoffman
Page 863
United Mine Workers v. Bagwell: The Civil/Criminal Indirect Contempt Fine Distinction Revisited
Franklin P. Brannen, Jr.
Page 883
Historical Perspective of the "Sex Psychopath" Statute: From the Revolutionary Era to the Present Federal Crime Bill
Raquel Blacher
Page 889
Interstate Child Support Enforcement System: Juggernaut of Bureaucracy
Janelle T. Calhoun
Page 921
The United States Military vs. the Media: Constitutional Friction
Steven S. Neff
Page 977

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