Spring 2012 Vol. 63, No. 3

Lead Articles Edition

Business Associations
Paul A. Quiros, Lynn S. Scott, and Jane E. Ledlie
Page 83
Introducing A Surprising Conversation About Conversation
Mark L. Jones
Page 793
Violence and Political Incivility
David Lyons
Page 835
Two-way Translation: The Ethics of Engaging with Religious Contributions in Public Deliberation
Jeremy Waldron
Page 845
Religious Reason-Giving in the Torture Debate: A Response to Jeremy Waldron
David P. Gushee
Page 869
Democratic Citizenship and Civil Political Conversation: What's Law Got to Do with It?
Marianne Constable
Page 877
Law as Language?
Steven D. Smith
Page 891
Some Concluding Reflections - Recovering the Political: The Problem with Our Political Conversations
Jack L. Sammons
Page 899
Introduction to Faculty Essays
Gary J. Simson
Page 915
Thoughts on Legal Education, the Curriculum, and the Importance of Process Over Substance
John O. Cole
Page 919
Pedagogy and Purpose: Teaching for Practical Wisdom
Daisy Hurst Floyd
Page 943
The Lawyer Meets the Therapist, the Minister, and the Psychiatrist: Law School Cross-Professional Collaborations
Timothy W. Floyd
Page 959
Fresh Ears, Fresh Eyes: Final Editing Through Reading Aloud
Sarah Gerwig-Moore
Page 971
Fundamental Dimensions of Law and Legal Education: Perspectives on Curriculum Reform, Mercer Law School's Woodruff Curriculum, and ... "Perspectives"
Mark L. Jones
Page 975
Teaching Seminars - Pedagogy and Potential
Gary J. Simson
Page 1057
Trusts and Estates Drafting: Avoiding Rigor Mortis in the Law School Curriculum
Karen J. Sneddon
Page 1071
Aliens in a Foreign Field: Examining Whether States have the Authority to Pass Legislation in the Field of Immigration Law
Jonathan Futrell
Page 1077
Municipal Liability? Not So Fast: What Connick v. Thompson Means For Future Prosecutorial Misconduct
T. Owen Farist
Page 1113
Reasonable Restrictions on the Franchise: Georgia's Voter ID Act of 2006
Joseph M. Colwell
Page 1129
The Way We Live Now: Rhetorical Persuasion and Democratic Conversation
Eugene Garver
Page 63302

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