Pathways Program
   Business/Commercial Law
   Civil Litigation
   Constitutional/Civil Rights
   Criminal Law
   Environmental Law
   Estate Planning
   Family Law
   General Practice
   Governmental Service
   Health Law
   Immigration Law
   Intellectual Property
   International/Comparative Law
   Public Interest/Poverty Law
   Real Property
   Tax Law
   Transactional Law
Mercer Law's Pathway Program

The Pathways are an advising tool for you to use in selecting your courses. Each Pathway identifies recommended courses that you should consider taking in light of your particular practice goals. These Pathways do not create any specialties, concentrations or required courses. Rather, they are intended to advise you about courses that should be useful in your pursuit of a particular practice area after graduation.

The faculty adopted the Pathways approach to help you with your course planning. However, consulting with a faculty advisor or advisors is the best way to choose which courses to take. Indeed, the Pathways may serve as a useful starting point for an advising session with a faculty member.